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Seeing the Woods Through the Trees

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T. rex & Triceratops amongst wood & suede palm trees

For many months, the difficult process of figuring out the perfect puzzle tree has been sat in the background of the Skelosaurz studio. A box full of parts, some which fit and some that are so far off that they've been forgotten and long since come apart into the bottom of that very box. Never-the-less, it's an issue I can't let go; I want the Skelosaurz to have their very own botanical accessories to dinosaur-tromp along through.

Sometimes the wood ends up just half a millimeter too thick when a supplier is off on their measurements and sometimes you just have to guess if it's sanded far enough or even too far. One way risks snapping the wood and getting stuck while the other won't stay on... it has to fit right in between. After countless trees and mistakes made later, is it still worth the extra effort for just a few palm trees? To me, yes, I suppose it is. And that's not even getting into the amount of time I've taken on the packaging alone...or the instructions!

Hopefully, pushing onward, the Skelosaurz new Botanix Palmtree set will come out eventually, even if it has to be only in limited edition batches, or come with a small square of sandpaper, just in case. (:

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