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Sarchosuchus Imperator Ltd. Edition Model


Sarchosuchus Imperator, the ancient titan "flesh crocodile" is hand sculpted from fine, European vegetable-tanned leather, with the lower caudal vertebrae being taylored to the tail in suede.  This limited edition model has been designed and signed by the artist. The leather sculpture sits over a wooden, topographical base in a dark finish of various earth tones.

Temporal range: Aptian - Albian  112 Ma   

*Includes a signed, certificate of authenticity.


    Sculptures are created by hand; please expect a 2-3 week delivery time to allow for the creation of your limited edition piece.  

    Sarchosuchus measures roughly 5.5" x 19" exluding its wooden base.  Dyed & waxed vegetable tanned leather. For the best care, keep this item clean with a light dust cloth and refrain from getting wet.


    Free shipping for Contiguous U.S.    Includes tracking, insurance and "signed for" with sculpture models.

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