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  • What are the contents of a Skelosaurz kit?
    The Skelosaurz kit will include: Leather pieces for water forming Instructions for assembly Wooden puzzle base & pegs Metal fasteners & assist stick *pictured is a Skelosaurz Stegosaurus leather kit in gold with water-stained wooden base
  • What are some ways to color and decorate my Skelosaurz?
    You can use all kinds of methods to color your model dino! Since leather is so porous, there's a lot of choices... Markers and pens: Any assortment of markers, gel pens, or other ink-based medium can be used to draw on the surface of your model. If you want to try it, make sure you form and allow the figure to dry completely first, so that the markers/pens won't be damaged by the moisture. Acrylics: If you should choose to use acrylics, it's a good idea to use liquid acrylic paint and a translucent open acrylic medium or thinner so that the grain of the leather and its texture shows through. You can layer colors on to get interesting results and the result is a flexible bouncy feel to the leather. Acrylic Ink: This is a fun way to color for a rich, matte look. It's water-soluble, though you won't need to dilute it. Two layers may be better than one, but take your time and use a small cue-tip or brush! Waterbased dyes: You can do a sort of watercolor method with water based dyes, where you may layer one color over another to gradually build up color. Drying time may be a bit longer, but these dyes are safe and generally non-toxic to work with. Oil paints: Using oils, you can expect a longer drying time but the colors are rich and lasting. Be sure to use a linseed oil to thin the oil paints so the grain shows through. A little experience is better for this medium. Leatherworking Dyes: A classic method of coloring leather... *Dyes tend to appear much darker than they are when first applied, but will lighten up as they dry. Oil & Alchohol based dyes: Oil based and also alcohol based leather dyes tend to be richer in color (you can dilute these types with rubbing alcohol or a reducer to lighten them). Be careful not to stain your hands or clothes; these sort of dyes tend to give a stiffer result than water-based as well as drying quicker. A cotton dauber is normally used to apply. ___________________________ Creating designs on the leather is a way to take your Skelosaurz to the next level and completely customize your model. Embossing the surface: Add some details or depth to your dino with the use of tools. Use a rounded end of a small stick or metal object and press into the leather while it's still slightly damp. You'll end up with an impression! You can press various shapes onto the surface where you'll find the imprint remains as the leather dries. Tooling decorative cuts: If you are able to use a small Xacto knife or classic swivel knife, you can cut into the damp leather, preferably while the shape is still flat against a cut-safe surface. You can take your time and create a design, so that when you form the piece, the cuts will stand out and define your model very well! For maximum detail, create small, decorative cuts while the leather piece is damp and flat. Proceed to form the piece into shape. When cool-to-the touch but no longer "damp," press a small tool alongside the cuts for further emphasis on the artwork to create a lasting impression. *Allow to dry fully then color as desired.
  • Will a display base be included in my Skelosaurz kit?
    Yes, a wooden puzzle display base is included in every Skelosaurz kit; it's also an important part of the kit! The base will help your dino to dry into its proper form after you've assembled and shaped it. Skelosaurz bases will additionally be engraved with the dinosaur's species name so that you won't get different Skelosaurz stands mixed up! Your kit will also come with the additional accessories needed to assist in building your model dinosaur.
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