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Riperian Entertainments: Moving Forward 2022

It's taken nearly a year... getting settled in and finding the right equipment to build a new studio space. It's small, but it's good... and I hope to make a lot of new work here.

Paleo Leather may need some time to get back on track, but I'm sure with focus that will happen again. There were a lot of projects left half-way finished before such big life changes showed up for us.

It's gonna be nice getting back into creating art and new models again. This is probably the most ideallic-view shot I've got of the new place from the backyard.. it's on the backwaters from the main river, so rather calm. There's a few mini gators here and there, plenty of turtles and a young heron who comes to hang out and fish sometimes, especially if you bait the water.

It's a weird, older, little neighborhood where I can freely run the laser and make stuff without lots of rules. Then if I get a moment before all the mosquitos come out to sit on the porch, it's pretty dang nice to have that. Thank you guys who still check up on me now and then for being patient with my slow transition. I promise I'll be building prehistoric art again very soon. The inspiration is def right here <3

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