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Yutyrannus Feathered Hatchling Bag Charm

Yutyrannus Feathered Hatchling Bag Charm


For the discerning paleoart enthusiast: A young, Yutyrannus dinosaur hatchling complete with proto-feathers based upon fossil evidence.  This little prehistoric chick is sure to cause a fuss wherever you go!


Hand-stitched, with a moveable jaw and made from high quality vegetable-tanned leather from one of our oldest operating tanneries in the U.S., Yutyrannus Hatchling Bag Charm has the colors of burnt & raw sienna with solid brass hardware. This little chick is designed with four types of leather including premium suede on the wings and has soft cowhide fur for feathers and is stuffed with 100% cotton for a plush feel. 


  • Primary colors: brass & tan  
  • Chick from head to toe measures: 5" tall by 4.5" wide  -  3" drop length with hardware


Please note that while colors will be as stated, each individual fur pattern is one-of-a-kind and will be your very own. <3 

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