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primeval art evolved

deep ocean series coming soon

Dino Chick

updating our studio! we'll be Back up november 2021 


Combining the love of art & science with a clean, minimalist style. 

Naturally primal design that only high quality, vegetable-tanned leathers can offer. 


Designed &

made in

the U.S.A.

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She brushed water onto the model’s head and began molding it [...] In only a few moments, a triceratops skull became recognizable.

Dahlia Ghabour, Columnist

It makes the passive art of looking at dinosaur bones into a whole new experience. [...] It's sort of a mini puzzle.

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Janelle V.B., LCJ Article

SO excited, finished my T-rex... now onto my other 2!!! love them! great job, these are HIGH quality!

Emily, Kickstarter Backer