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Blank Kit Versions Still Envisioned..

Fossils that are made to color

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Ichthyosaur w/ silhouette blank leather prototype kit

With newer, detailed models, the original purpose of the leather kit still holds true. Take this Ichthyosaur fossil for example: I feel it may be necessary to offer up specific, limited models as blank, natural-colored kits with unstained wooden bases with which the builder can discern the final look.

These versions would allow an opportunity to not only sculpt with the medium, but also to try out some other skill sets that are used in classical leather-working. These kits can be personalized with markers, paints, pens and an assortment of dyes.

Carving or tooling, coloring and adding details to a model can really give it a feel that it's your own. On the other hand, there's some who prefer to simply leave the finished piece with a clean, natural look which tans on its own in the sun over time.

The d.i.y. kit is in many ways assembled as a puzzle would be. Besides the skeletal model itself, the basswood base has an engraved dip for the upper layer to rest in the lower portion. The pegs that hold the model go through both sections, holding the structure together without the need for glue.

This particular prototype ocean model has a silhouette set behind the skeletal figure which could also be detailed if desired. On its own it's a blank canvas and could be a fun addition for leather artists who want a little extra challenge or space to create an individual piece.

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