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Creating Each Package by Hand

Skelosaurz are made in the U.S.A.

Prepping skull packaging wraps made in-house.

Before one opens up their brand new Skelosaurz kit, they first view the box that holds them. It may seem trivial, but a lot of work goes into building each package...

Cut out in our own studio, carefully folded and glued together by hand, stamped and constructed into the final packed form right here, each kit receives much care before being completed.

All of Skelosaurz are created from the raw form materials directly in our home base workshop. Made with thick chipboard, the box was custom designed by Paleo Leather specifically for the Skelosaurz kits to assure the best look and fit.

It's quite a process assembling each box, but this allows for the utmost quality and the pride that Skelosaurz are all-American made, one-at-a-time and with the best quality that they deserve.

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