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Did Skelosaurz Leather Dinosaurs Influence Coach's 2016 Pre-Fall Line ?

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

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Comparison of models between Skelosaurz (left) and Coach (right)

Coach's newest handbag accessories are pretty cool, but as a leather paleo-artist, they've brought up a weird question..

Recent video-ad (link below) shows Coach's upcoming 2016 Pre-Fall Men's line in London. The start of the segment has a couple bags displaying 3-dimensional leather dinosaur skeletons of a Stegosaurus and a T-Rex. What was odd is how they seemed to match the same scale & toned colors as Skelosaurz models. (Coach: right screenshots) Maybe it's just a coincidence?

I'd wondered if a possible combo of Skelosaurz, model leather dinos and some structurally similar, wooden models might've been referenced for the template to create the new pre-fall accessories for Coach's bagcharms... Skelosaurz dinosaurs have appeared online since 2012 & been publicized within the leather community and other independent art forums. And with Coach being a familiar brand I'd grown up around, it'd be interesting to know whether my leather models had helped to inspire these versions. But wherever the idea originated, I have to agree that leather dinosaur skeletons are highly fashionable.

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