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Experimenting With Base Shapes

Mosasaur, mosasaurus, Skelosaurz, leather, skeleton, fossil, prehistoric, J.V. Becker, Artist, paleo, paleoart, sculpture
As the red sun rises over the Cretaceous swamp, a young Mosasaur emerges from the dark murky waters... 

A brief interlude: Work continues on in fulfilling Kickstarter models and kits, yet a new idea has come to light. During testing of the Skelosaurz production machine, with our essential materials being leather, cork and wood, (as well as a bit of metal) an extra test was tried out with what could possibly be done in regards to future bases. The idea; a topographical-ish design with the result being a flowing, organic base which served not only to hold the model, but also as a visually interesting, watery background. This idea may be revisited later after fulfillment, as there's still lots to do on our KS models ~but it is great news to know of the imaginative options that are now ahead for Skelosaurz leather fossils. Previous limitations are a thing of the past and ahead lies a new horizon of possibilities! A new dawning of an age!

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