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Fall Pumpkin Pattern

Here's a treat! An old favorite creation from 2011.. saved for a year when we may not all be able to go out trick-or-treating. You can build this pumpkin at home at any scale with vegetable tanned leather scraps!

Here's a closeup of the layers... They go the same way on top as on the bottom (:

Make the pattern below! Have some fun with the scale and vines and make it your own fall decoration that never needs to be tossed out (: Happy Halloween!

Using 6 oz. veg. tanned leather and water, soak the scraps and cut out the pattern. With the help of a folded towel and a ball peen hammer, you can stretch and shape the leather with your hands.

While the leather is still damp, use a small hole punch to create the spaces where the ribbon will go through and hold the pumpkin together. You can create detail and lines on the stem with a stylus at this point while letting the leather dry a bit more.

Paint the pumpkin with diluted, layered acrylic paints or dyes as you'd like to.

Knot the ends of some thin ribbon until it cannot go through the holes and burn the ends so that they melt together and don't come undone. Thread the ends tightly together and knot the other side in the same way. You've got a pumpkin!

...some of the tools used... and a really tiny pumpkin- can you spot it?

Pre-knotted and cut ribbons ready for threading the sections together. Painted pieces in layers of acrylics thinned out with airbrush medium using earth tones and metallics.

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