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Flower of the Dream - A First Try

A first attempt of mine at a leather flower in the way of Master Japanese, leather floral artist, Kazue Aoyama was kindof off to a rough start. These are my prize art books from Japan <3 For years I'd wished to get ahold of these rare, limited edition prints. Then it finally happened & it turned out that one of them is even signed by her!! I hope to add leather flowers to my art eventually but I need a lot of practice-- My work creating flowers in the past has come across as somewhat clunky compared to the delicate nature of a true flower. Kazue's work is incredible in form, color and detail... and luckily, there are lots of pictures!😄

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Kazue Aoyama - Flower of the dream

I had stared at this cover for so long that this particular flower had to be the first step for me....


one of several tutorials - thankfully - with pictures (:

Her level of delicate detail is brilliant. She even makes convincing dead flowers... a lifetime of practice!

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