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From the deep Ichthyosaurs may emerge..

It's been a long while since Ichthyosaur has made a splash after the Skelosaurz Kickstarter. So after being buried for quite some time, it may be good to start thinking about this ancient animal whose name is greek for "fish-lizard," coming back out to swim freely; if not yet as an official kit, then as a fashion accessory.

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Leather Ichthyosaur over bison suede silhouette

This Ichthyosaur is complimented by an older idea of having its silouhette shadowing the skeletal form. The main reason this was brought into being was because the fin of the animal which is so prominent and identifiable was made of cartilage, which has no bone structure represented in fossils discovered later on. Here, the shape of the fish-lizard while living is made in thick bison suede while the skeleton is hand-formed in vegetable-tanned, bovine leather.

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