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Fuzzy-Feathered Archaeopteryx Chick

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

The small, transitional link between birds and dinos that's soft to hold !

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Who's cute & puffed up ?

The earliest bird catches the prehistoric worm... & there's no earlier bird than Archaeopteryx!


Meet baby Dorian- The first prototype in a new line of veg. tanned leather, suede, and cowhide bag charms...

This early prehistoric bird, Archaeopteryx, dates from 148-150 mya during the Late Jurassic period in what is now Southern Germany. Meaning, "old wing" the Archaeopteryx is also referred to by its German name, Urvogel, which means "first bird" or "original bird".

This little, unique puffball shares both the features of modern birds as well as those of theropod dinosaurs and because of that, is considered to be an important transitional fossil between reptiles and birds...

Being such an interesting little fellow, this scientifically-beloved little buddy is sure to cause a fuss when travelling about! <3 Designed exclusively for the discerning paleo art lover.

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