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Leather Dinosaur Skeletons Paleo Art

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Skelosaurz Warz

Leather dinos are the coolest and after some years headed this direction, it's a nice opportunity to reflect on where we've been. Leather & bone go absolutely fabulously together as far as being able to resemble similar textures and form. J.V. Becker's dinos have been displayed a few years in a row and won many ribbons in leather shows. Our little dudes were designed in 2011, then the prototypes built by hand in 2012; the same year that leather articulated skeletal model, Troodon, first won the Rocky Mtn. World Leather Debut judged by famous Japanese leather artist, Akiko Okada, among other professional expert leather artists.

Our dinosaur designs have been presented to some larger companies and after lots of editing and work to make these guys not only an art statement in it's final form, but an optional art project as well, we're ready to go solo and launch our first Kickstarter in the near future. Our miniature leather dinosaur skeletons by Paleo artist and awarded leather sculptor, Janelle Becker, will be available as pre-built models to be displayed or played with or even to be accessorized as charms for luggage and bags. You can even have the option to personalize them because we'll also be offering a kit version, in the interest of expanding the ancient art of leatherworking, a prehistoric artform with a old-as-time fossilized result! Carve and color your own Skelosaurz and get ready to collect them all for your own miniature museum at home!

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