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Leather Lab Testing Complete

Time to choose a machine to create our leather fossils...

This is a fun update since I'm happy to let you all know that our sample cutting leather has arrived back from the laser testing labs! In order to know which version to choose when selecting a machine, there had to be tests run on some of the most detailed pieces to see what wattage could hold up best to Skelosaurz detailed miniature, model parts.

The edge burn variance between a 60 and 75 watt laser

I sent off two pieces of the same thickness of leather, of the same size and with the same patterns to be cut out as well as the logo to be engraved. We tested between a 60 watt and a 75 watt laser to find the differences in the cleanliness of the cut, the detail capability and the speed. When the samples returned, they both looked wonderful but as I got to look closer and study the differences, I could understand the machines much better. Our results were pretty interesting!

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