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Pod of Ichthyosaurs Give Chase...

New Dynamic Scenes Tested:

The latest Paleo Leather models are getting a make-over. Added detail is in the works such as engraving onto the skull and other various parts of the skeletal structure. The bases are getting redone as well with stackable puzzle layers, engraved with subtle information hinting to a story behind the figures themselves.

A squad of prehistoric squid on the move... Being pursued by the hungry lizard-fish, they dash in the direction of escape from the hungry predators. However possibly to no avail, as the ichthyosaurs are adept in herding the cephalopods into a whirl in which they can easily be picked off one by one for dinner.

These kits have been designed over a period of many trial & error sessions in the art-lab... but the results have been rewarding. These kits are unique in their design because they can be fitted together much like a puzzle or be displayed separately on their own depending on the particular space the models inhabit.

The new dynamic scene kits will have their leather pieces pre-colored as well as their bases. They are assembled with water-forming and the result is an awesomely detailed model worthy of showing off wherever you want a prehistoric reminder. <3

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