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Skelosaurz Kickstarter Almost Here !

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Two T. rexes on the hunt..

There's been so much to do in preparation for the Skelosaurz Kickstarter campaign coming up! We're getting ready to offer all four kits for the first time as well as some super-specialized models that we haven't shown before. There will be early-bird specials on the first T-Rex kits and pre-built figures and some pretty cool limited edition items like Lava Red Rex & even some water monster stretch goals to uncover!

Since these little guys can be personalized any way you like with a little creativity, you can make your Skelosaur your very own one-of-a-kind art toy. Build a pink T-Rex or carve zebra stripes into a Triceratops... maybe Sheridan style up a little stego! It's all up to you (:

After we launch we'll be sure to let everyone know so that you can get in on the first run of Skelosaurz. They'll be available for pre-order in the coming weeks when you'll have the chance to get your own mini-dino kit that you can stylize and color however you choose! We're looking forward to getting Skelosaurz out there and hope that you'll join in on the fun of these leather paleo-art toys' adventure!

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