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Sketching Exciting New Ideas

The leather creature kits I can't wait to build...

I'm so ready to make all of these new sculptures that I'd been prototyping for the last two and a half years into new leather modeling kits- It's been a long time coming and boy, do I really mean it when I say that we've got some really cool stuff planned out for the near future...

Now granted, these are all simple little doodles from my different sketchbooks, it's pretty truthfully where I begin each design.



Our first project is headed straight into the water: The Deep Sea Ocean Series is gonna be awesome in following with Paleo Leather's prehistoric fossil theme in DIY Kits. We're revamping the idea of our original fossil kits and giving our new models a fresh, dynamic look. Now that we have advanced tools to design with, it seems to only make sense to utilize those to create in a way that wouldn't have been possible before. For example, I'm building new, organic shaped stands in a topographic style and more detailed skeletal structures. Where previously we couldn't refine stand shapes beyond a certain point, such as a simple rectangle, we now can explore different looks and materials. Also new to come will be varying series of themes; ocean, ice age, cretaceous, and potentially offshoots of bugs and even dragons.

Included among the various ancient ocean animals will be plesiosaur, dunkleosteus, sarchosuchus, archelon and an updated version of ichthyosaur and mosasaur who were introduced as stretch rewards in the Skelosaurz Kickstarter campaign during 2016.


With new kits comes newer packaging; that's another piece of our work that's for the most part done in-house. Partially because it's just fun to design packaging! It's also been great having all the assembly done right here in the studio so that we can make sure these kits are put together in the best way possible. It's nice to be able to manage all the moving parts as best that you can... so our packaging is no exception.

We'll have new instruction booklets and possibly an introduction to a bit of leather stitching for some models. It will all get a little more advanced and well, fancy! But still quite do-able and videos to assist in assembling your fossilized creatures will be made available on our YouTube channel. After all, we want you to learn some of the fun basics of leather-crafting along the way with an excellent reward to display!


One of my favorite new ideas is the Renaissance Dragon Series, monsters directly from the maps of old and the seafaring beasts our ancestors swore they saw. These serpents and dragons are modeled from their past sketches and re-imagined as fossilized sculptures... some with very interesting characteristics that are unique to only these beasts! Who knows... we may even get to mix & match monsters; there's so much potential here!


It's gonna be an adventure to build! Follow us along the way and I hope you'll enjoy our journey!

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