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Skelosaurz Kickstarter Officially Launched!

Kickstarter, Skelosaurz, Leather, Dinosaur, Fossils, Art, Kit, DIY, Janelle Becker
Kickstarter, 2016

It's the first week of the 40 day countdown to Skelosaurz !! Help support tiny dino leathercraft by pledging to their Kickstarter, which is finally live !

It's been over two and a half years getting prepared to launch my little dinosaur skeleton models and it's so exciting to have them finally out there! I really hope you all will find them interesting and fun because they truly are cool little guys to have around and a pleasure to put together (:


Please help support Skelosaurz so that they don't go extinct! & check them out here to see all the cool prehistoric leather rewards available today!

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