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Yutyrannus Has Hatched...

The new, feathered baby-dinosaur sibling is cute & happy to be here!

Yutyrannus chick in burnt & raw sienna hangs from a brown, leather bag..

Yutyrannus has a moveable jaw, is made with four different types of premium leather, stuffed with 100% cotton and hangs from solid brass hardware. This little dino chick is hand-stitched, has a nice plump feel as well as being quite soft and looks great on any bag!

Yutyrannus has a couple of differences to make this chick scientifically accurate as a feathered hatchling; those being the outstretched arm with the tyrannosaur's signature two-visible claws, a longer tail with less feathering than that of a dromaeosaurid and this baby dino sports the originally-designed clawed feet of the first prototype, Archaeopteryx.

Hatchling bagcharms made from the original prototype :

Deinonychus in black and Yutyrannus in brown...

New Modifications to the first prototype of Archaeopteryx: Now this feathered friend has a brand new toe-claw and is representing Deinonychus, the raptor as an all-important feathered chick. There may be plans in the future to further revise Archaeopteryx into a third sibling with some extra differences apart from the other two hatchlings, but for now, there's only one.

Deinonychus chick in charcoal & dark umber hangs from a black, leather bag..

Below is Archaeopteryx on the upper right with the newly modified version of Deinonychus, with the primary difference being the added toe-claw, possessed by raptors.

Knowing what we do now about how potentially fuzzy certain dinosaurs and their babies used to be, these little hatchlings needed to be created! For the discerning Paleo-art enthusiast - Look for these baby dinosaurs coming soon in our shop and have an interesting feathered-friend wherever you go! <3

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